How Good is Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine?

There is nothing wrong with recreational marijuana use once in a while. In any case, science has revealed that marijuana has powerful health benefits. Although it has been shown to be good, society has still reservations about its use. Even in this era, most workplaces are carrying out mandatory drug tests.

Fortunately, you have a few ways of cheating such tests, and one is by using synthetic urine brands such as Quick Fix Plus. With every fake pee product you buy, knowledge is power. With knowledge, you can be well-prepared. Keep on reading to know more about this gem of fake piss.

Composition of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

It is not sufficient for a quick fix to smell, feel, and look like human urine; it needs to have the exact chemical makeup of real urine for it to pass laboratory tests. Fortunately, Quick Fix Pee has that exact composition with exact biological amounts of uric acid, creatinine, and urea.

Again, you have to understand that urine is more than ingredients. You have to think of properties. In this case, this product has the same pH balance and specific gravity as real human urine. A combination of all these elements is what you need to fool drug testing technology to pass the test. Actually, there is no other brand that has a great deal of success as compared to this.

Using Quick Fix Urine

The manufacturer has released the latest version known as Quick Fix 6.2 that comes in a volume of 3-ounces that is sufficient for a single test. If you want more, you should consider getting multiple bottles. Before using this product, you have to take into account the testing method and temperature. Ensure your synthetic urine is at the recommended temperature.

Where to Get Quick Fix

Experts argues that you need to be cautious when purchasing a quick fix. It is quite easy for a person who wants to make quick money to sell some cheap or expired products. These buyers will ship them to unsuspecting buyers, who will ultimately fail their drug tests and keep on cursing synthetic urine. Ensure you get the product from the authorized vendor. In this way, you can be sure that you are getting the right product.