Everything You Need to Know About Golf Umbrellas

If you’re a golf enthusiast, you know how umbrellas are important. It’s one of the accessories you cannot miss in your bag because when the unpredictable weather changes, it’s your best friend to protect you and your clubs from the rain.

When shopping for a golf umbrella, you need to consider various factors in order to select the best. Main points to check include the size, wind resistance, color scheme, and shaft material. All the same, a lot more goes into the process of buying a golf umbrella.

Take your time

Many umbrellas you see on a golf course were acquired as incentives from a manufacturer or as a promotion while buying another item from the same supplier. Other players simply grabbed their umbrellas without considering whether it was a good fit for them.

While freebies can save you some money, it’s equally important to take your time and choose a golf umbrella that can meet your requirements in the long-term. Remember, this game is yours and you want to feel safe, dry, and comfortable on the golf course, don’t you? In many instances, the only way to achieve hat is by selecting the best products.

Know the Sizes and Dimension

yellow umbrellaBest golf umbrellas are available in a wide range of sizes and dimensions. Usually, the bigger the umbrella, the better it performs. Besides, bigger umbrellas have greater wind resistance. With a good golf umbrella, you can keep your golf clubs and bags dry as you dress the ball and play the shots. Besides, choosing a suitable golf umbrella is an excellent way to prolong the life of your equipment.

A good golf umbrella should have at least a 60-inch span. This size is wide enough to keep you and your equipment dry during play. Visit reliable suppliers to find out the best brands.

Don’t Overlook Wind Resistance

Before you purchase a golf umbrella, ensure that it undergoes wind testing. This will determine the wind level that the umbrella can hold before it falls apart.

It’s advisable to buy an umbrella that can withstand high wind speeds as well as adverse weather conditions. The testing should reveal whether the umbrella can withstand such conditions.

Check the Shaft Material

All golf umbrellas come with shaft material according to the preference of the manufacturer. Since this varies from one manufacturer to another, not much consideration goes into it. However, expert golfers prefer fiberglass compared to a steel shaft. The former is a poor conductor of electricity and therefore reduces the chances of being struck by lightning in the field. While the incident is rare, it’s possible, which is why you should minimize the risk. Besides, fiberglass is lighter than steel, making it easy to move around with.

In addition to the mentioned considerations, it’s equally important to think about the color scheme and the umbrella holder. A good color makes you visible in the golf course while the holder ensures that you and your equipment remain dry through the golf session.