Five Tips to Choose The Best Side By Side Fridge

The primary function of refrigerators is to keep foods and drinks cool and fresh. You will come across various brands of fridges in the market, and it’s worth noting that they are not equal. Refrigerators vary in size as well as cooling capacity. Furthermore, they have different features that you should consider. Experts advise that when hunting for a fridge to buy begin from the basics working your way up and not the other way round. The pointers as presented below will help you to select the best side by side refrigerator.



Refrigerators keep getting bigger but your kitchen might not. A suitable example is a side by side refrigerator for consumers that love to have refrigerated as well as frozen foods at eye level. Furthermore, they come with extra accessories like ice and water dispenser. A larger fried will hold more food. Check the size of your kitchen to determine the size of a fridge that you will choose.



Capacity is a hint that most people fail to put into contemplation before spending of fridges. If your refrigerator doesn’t have sufficient space than you will spend lots of your time rearranging the food so that it fits, on the flip side, if your fridge is huge then you will waste cash paying for the energy that operates the space. Before going for a new fridge look at your current one to determine the amount of space that you will need.


Energy Consumption

Before you part with your money purchasing a fridge, you should discover more about its energy consumption. Does it meet the set regulations? Some refrigerators are cheap because they consume lots of power. In the long run, you will burn a hole in your pocket paying power bills. Go for refrigerators with mechanisms to cut down their energy consumption as much as possible if you want to be on the safe side.



Any side by side refrigerator will come with a one or two year warranty that covers repairs in case of damage. If you search keenly, you will discover some fried makers that give warranties that last up to five years. This means that your refrigerator will stay protected for a long time.

Extra Features

Your fridge is perhaps the most expensive electrical appliance in your kitchen. If you are an occasional wine drinker, then you should ensure that you store a few bottles in your fridge. Its suggested that you go for a side by side refrigerator with a wine cooler. If you have a smaller wine collection, then a fridge without a separate cooling zone will suit your needs. Other features that you should also consider include door alarm systems that alert you close your fridge and temperature controls that help you to set the temperature of the freezer as well as fridge compartment.

With numerous styles and features present buying a new side by side refrigerator. Once you learn about what is in the market, however, you will be better placed to decide on the refrigerator that will suit your family, budget as well as your way of life.