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Four Essential Factors to Consider When Buying CBD Products

Since marijuana was decriminalized in the US and many other places in the world, cannabis derivative products flood the market. And one of them is CBD (Cannabidiol). 

Although CBD is a cannabinoid, it does not induce euphoria and addiction to the users. In fact, many studies have shown that CBD can help people with anxiety, chronic pain, depression, sleep deprivation, and other medical conditions. To know more about the benefits, you should check out this product, Zilis. It claims to be 30% more absorbable than other CBD extracts. Once you try it, you’ll feel it immediately. 

Now, let’s discuss the essential factors you must bear in mind when buying CBD products.

Online Stores Vs. Brick-and-Mortar Dispensaries

taking a tincture dropIf marijuana products are legal in your country, the chances are that there are dispensaries near your place. Compared to online stores, you’d better go with those dispensaries. First reason, if there are any issues with the product, you can deal with the problem right away. Second, dispensaries have to keep their reputation, or they will lose their customers. Online stores, on the other hand, can just change names, and they are open for business again. 

However, not all people can access dispensaries, especially those who live in a country that has not been open to the cannabis industry yet. In that case, you should purchase your CBD products only from trusted sellers. But how do you find them? First, check review sites like Ganjapreneur, Potguide, Leafly, and Cannabis Reports. If there are local forums for this topic, you should also check them out and find out which products can get to you safe and sound. Always bear in mind that it’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes than your own. 

Concentration Percentage

Although CBD is not psychoactive, too much of it can still result in ugly side effects like nausea, drowsiness, diarrhea, fatigue, and vomiting. If you want to consume CBD during your productive day, you must know exactly how much CBD concentration is in your CBD supplement, whatever its form is. Usually, CBD products for casual usage contains no more than 5% CBD extract. If you want CBD to treat a serious issue, you can go up to 20% CBD concentration. But you must not operate machinery or drive afterward. Just stay at home and sleep.  


a dispensary workerMarijuana may have been legalized, but its regulation is still far from perfect. In other words, there are many fake products on the market that don’t contain any CBD at all! Even worse, some are even contaminated with bacteria or chemicals that can be harmful to the consumer’s health. 

Therefore, looking for a branded product alone is not enough. You should check all the specs described by the retailer and match them with the product’s official description. If something is suspicious, you’d better not make the purchase. 

Price and Shipment

cbd for wellnessWhen a CBD product has a price lower than normal, you must not be happy but suspicious. You should learn the official pricing of that CBD product and compare it with the price in the retail stores. 

Another thing to consider here is the shipment warranties. If you buy CBD from abroad, it may take days to weeks before the good can get to you. If that’s the case, pay attention to the terms. Make sure everything is in your favor. 

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Why You Should Use Whey Proteins

For a long time, only bodybuilders and athletes were known to use whey protein. However, in recent years, it has attracted considerable interest from the medical profession and ordinary consumers. This is attributed to the various researches that have been conducted on the health claims of whey proteins as well as other benefits that it may have. It is currently being considered as a general health supplement that can be used even by those who are not into resistance exercises.man working out

There are many whey protein brands available in the market, some of which are better than others. Make sure you put all the relevant factors into consideration to help you choose the best. Some of the top reasons to use whey protein are highlighted below.

Packed with Proteins

Protein is among an essential nutrient required by the body, meaning that it should be part of your diet each day. You can get proteins from a variety of food types, but whey protein is a much better option as it can be digested quickly and absorbed a lot faster than other proteins. It is very popular with athletes for that reason. The benefits also spread to those trying to lose weight as coupled with a controlled diet; specialized whey fraction can have an effect on fat in the body.

Good Muscle Growth

protein supplementsWhey protein is a great supplement that can help you build muscle or improve muscle tone. This makes it an excellent product for anyone who is a competitive sportsperson, exercises regularly, or if you wish to enhance your appearance. A good thing to note is that the use of protein supplements is not limited to any age bracket. This means that even the much older people whose muscles are beginning to sag can use whey protein supplements to rebuild their muscles.

Helps Manage Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes refers to a chronic condition characterized by low insulin function and high blood sugar. A lifetime condition that can only be managed to avoid its symptoms. Whey protein can help with the management process as it moderates the levels of blood sugar and increases the levels of insulin activity. It’s easily digestible, which makes it a better option than other protein builders such as egg white and fish. Whey protein can also be used to reduce sugar spikes even in people who do not have type 2 diabetes.