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Mysteries of the Southside

Oh my god, remember this? And now it's in the garbage! Was this a hostile takeover situation by the landlord or did the owner just decide transporting a big pink furry ugly art project wasn't worth the effort? Sadly, I will never know.

These are the little things that make my day. (Like, I was really excited when I saw this.) Clearly I am ready for spring.


I went out with Marc and Kristin (her belly has officially popped, two months till baby!) to dinner last night at 5 9th Ave, an amazing restaurant in a renovated house. There are two dining area flats, and then the top floor is the kitchen. Those poor waitrons, walking up and down the stairs all damn night long. But oh, that food! I had tagliatelle with porcini and also grilled lamb (both were apps), and they were both succulent and amazing, one of the better meals I've had in a while. The wine wasn't amazing (I had the cote du rhone), but everything else was just so juicy and flavorful. Make those Valentine's Day reservations now, kids.

Then we went to Angel's Share, and then the Arcade Fire show with the rest of the cool kids. They were great, yes. Correction: completely fucking great. They sing and scream and wrestle and play nine million instruments and wear motorcycle helmets and do weird robot-like dances without actually doing the robot and they are young and weird and fun and you kind of want to hug them if they would just stop moving for a second. Seriously great. Go see them in your town if you can.

Unfortunately they went on extra late, so by like the sixth song it was time for me to go home. It is so weird, I just can't do it anymore. I get really tired right around 12, and unless I'm going to go for it, get shitty drunk (which is what everyone else was doing), I'm going to need to go home. This year I really do feel old for the first time, not like old lady old, but you know, older. I'm not sure if I'm sad about it or not. I don't know if there is any point in feeling that way. What can you do about it anyway?

More thought on this will be necessary, I think. Later.


Please note that there are two new publications for purchase in which I am published. The first is the next print issue of Pindeldyboz. There's a story called "The Perfect Triangle" in it which is the first story from the Instant Love collection. If you liked weird music at all in high school, you will probably like this story. The second is the Pearl Necklace zine, their Treasure Trail issue. I have a short essay about the Pink Nail, a crappy little salon in the East Village where I've gotten my eyebrows waxed for years. Also I took some pictures.

Both of these are fun, women-run publications, and I highly recommend/beg you support their creative visions. Putting out the good word isn't always easy, and any encouragement really validates what you're doing. Validate today!


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